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Averted Vision | Solve for x

Research - Design Thinking - Entrepreneurship - Prototyping - Business Development

Research Project & Business Concept with Citi Ventures

By 2025, half of all work will be freelance. As more people work alone will freelance endanger creativity?


Freelance has changed the nature of work and the lives of workers. Beyond the opportunities, the gig worker faces new financial and emotional strains. Viewed holistically, the gig economy presents the challenges to how workers live their lives during and outside of work.


After weeks of primary qualitative and quantitive research, a sharper picture of the freelance economy comes into focus. We identified 3 key insights that define the work ahead.


Freelance makes it harder to find cross-generational mentorships. - Freelancing kills collaboration, making it more difficult to share knowledge and build new skills. - Older workers have industry experience but lack social currency


Solve for x stages offbeat design sessions; solving for problems on collaborative teams, sparking inspiration and creative connections.

Below is some material we generated throughout our process, including an Ethnographic research video.

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