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Design x Convergence

Creative Direction - Programming - Marketing

& Advertising - Event Organization

Strategic Design Conference

How can we revive an event that has been overlooked for several years and convey the concept of strategic design to a large audience?

Myself and 5 other Parsons students set out to create, market and execute the Strategic Design and Management Annual Conference.

The conference was a overwhelming success. Our team managed to revive an event that fallen into the shadows in previous years with a clever redesign and vigorous organization and exciting programming.


With over 300 attendees, in a post event survey, more than 70% said they left with a better understanding of strategic design and saw new opportunities in unexpected places. And 80% believed strategic designers lead conversations that create new ideas.


Our theme was around the idea that true innovation and creativity comes from unexpected combinations. We wanted to facilitate an event were creatives from multiple different industries came together. The design is representative of the convergence theme, an organized chaos of ideas and creativity.

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