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Financial Toxicity | MSK NY

Research & Development - Interviewing - Observation - Insight Generation - Reporting

How can we help to alleviate financial burden for cancer patients in NYC?

Financial Toxicity is one of the most frequently reported stressors of cancer treatment at MSK. We spent 3 months researching the issue.

As part of the Design and Innovation department of Memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC, myself and two others were tasked with researching financial toxicity for cancer patients. Over 12 weeks we made some very interesting discoveries.


We found that financial toxicity was present in almost every patient. We noticed that programs were available but patients did not know how to access them.

Our most surprising discovery? The biggest financial stressor amongst patients MSK was transport and parking.


Throughout this eye opening experience we were able to gain insight into the lives of many incredibly strong individuals. We observed doctors and nurses on duty, interviewed a variety of patients, and worked at the food pantry. We ran design sprints, held workshops and presented to the innovation team each week with our findings. After the 12 weeks we suggested 3 programs that might help alleviate some of these stressors.

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