Geography of Strangers

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How can we create opportunities for authentic travel in NYC? Geography of Strangers is a tool for sparking spontaneous experiences in NYC.

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Geography of Strangers was born from the minds of three avid travelers. We noticed the amount of toxic tourism, mindless social sharing and over populated, noisy travel influencer industry.


Our findings showed us that the best memories people had of travel were the unplanned, the sporadic and the unexpected.

You can't plan to be spontaneous but you can make room for it.


Geography of Strangers is a personal travel tool to experience a place in an authentic way, the first iteration is New York City. Forget about the Empire State Building, hot dogs and yellow cabs. This is a game for the real New York.

What's in the deck?

Character Cards

Pick a character to channel




Get out there


Break Away

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Online Distraction Tool

How might we help people break the daily routine within their quarantine location?

Break Away is a website designed to alleviate the monotony of working from home during quarantine.

Our site featured 3 different sets of missions.

  • A break from what you're seeing

  • A break from what you're doing

  • A break from what you're thinking


Subscribers signed up to receive a daily email with 3 missions for 30 days. They could also use the website to randomly generate missions as needed.


The project was a welcome distraction for many people's daily routine, we received over 200 subscribers within the first week and were featured on Eyesore Magazine's 'Quarantine Space'.

The series saw several special editions as well as the full set of cards as a gift to subscribers at the end of their 30 days.